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He gamely participated in a Wild West show, ducking into a saloon to avoid gunslingers. (See photo gallery above.) He inevitably found his way to the water ballet and the cabaret. "He posed with swimsuit-clad Water Follies stars but shied away from posing too close to the leggy can-can girls when they pulled their costumes up waist high," The Oregonian wrote. A week later, Portlanders were "excited" and "extremely disturbed" to spot a gang of Nazis riding their motorcycles through the city's downtown. Some witnesses placed calls to the police. In the next day's paper, The Oregonian tried to calm the populace. "They were not, despite appearances, members of a new Nazi bund organization sprouting in Portland," wrote reporter Ken David. "Their swastika-embellished storm-trooper garb was simply what they wear as part of the cast of the 'Oregon Story.'" The Nazi parade was a stunt to pack the house for the final handful of performances at the Centennial arena. The "Oregon Story" -- its name was actually "The Mighty Oregon Story" -- certainly was worth seeing.

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The Oregon Centennial Exposition, which ended its three-month run 57 years ago last week, was the Beaver State's best opportunity to raise its profile since the Lewis & Clark exhibition more than half a century before. And it was Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kennedy's best opportunity to introduce himself to Oregon Democrats who would vote in the state's presidential primary the following May, a contest he believed he had to win. (He would, taking 51 percent of the vote.) The 1959 celebration of Oregon's statehood came at the tail end of the American public's long love affair with massive promotional fairs. But the Centennial Exposition still managed to pull in crowds. 71-year-old Ohioan Emma Gatewood, starting in Missouri, walked the length of the Oregon Trail to see the exposition. Looky-loos bothered her so frequently during her trek that when a Hood River newspaperman tried to take her picture, she whacked him with her umbrella, drawing blood. Kennedy spent an early September day at the exposition shaking hands. He gamely participated in a Wild West show, ducking into a saloon to avoid gunslingers. (See photo gallery above.) He inevitably found his way to the water ballet and the cabaret.

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