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White still backs Labors pokerpolicy | The Advocate

Brett Kavanaugh On Wednesday, Kavanaugh was required to respond to a series of questions submitted by Whitehouse. “Do you play in a regular or periodic poker game? If yes, please list the dates, participants, location/venue, and amounts won/lost,” asked the Senator. Kavanaugh confirmed that he likes to turn a few cards but wouldn’t fill them in on any of the details. “Like many Americans, I have occasionally played poker or other games with friends and colleagues,” he responded. “I do not document the details of those casual games.” Several news outlets have reported that the judge plays poker at an exclusive country club, and there is a question of whether or not it relates to Kavanaugh’s having racked up $60,000 to $200,000 worth of debt, as he reported for 2016. “Have you ever gambled or accrued debt in the State of New Jersey?” asked the senator. Kavanaugh responded by saying that he recalls “occasionally visiting casinos in New Jersey when I was in school.” But he says he only played low-stakes blackjack and never rang up debts. The nominee was also asked whether he had ever sought treatment for gambling addiction, to which he responded with a curt “no.” As for the six-figure debt, the Trump nominee put it down to home improvements and season tickets to the Washington Nationals baseball team. Of course, judges playing poker is nothing new or scandalous in the US. We rarely hear the details, but the famous judges scene in the movie Rounders wasn’t pure fiction.

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KamaGames Social Poker Operator Launches KGT Token ICO and Rewards Program

Also, any player who doesn’t spend their KGT tokens will earn up to eleven times the growth over some time. It must be clear that the sale of KGT tokens is not necessarily an ICO as it is not designed to crowdfund, but instead, it offers a new method that players can use to get in-game cash. Token sales and ICOs are two terms that are reciprocally used when referring to events to raise funds. However, while ICO refers to that initial offering of a cryptocurrency , token sales can mean selling tokens for a myriad of reasons. Additionally, KGT tokens are risk-free and will not lose any value if anything was to affect the leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum . Pokerist, the flagship game title created by KamaGames, has performed very well since it was released.

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